On the opening day of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, soccer fans in attendance and those who stream and tune into tournament coverage are going to notice the typical global Madrid of sights and sounds of national teams and their supporters all gathered to compete in and to celebrate this edition of the World Cup. Along with the colourful costumes off the field there is a kaleidoscope of design and colour in the uniforms on the field as well. There is also something else that the trained eye will notice, something new this year that has a real dash of design and colour as well. The brand new ball.

Adidas designed and manufactured World Cup 2014 ball called the Brazuca and it arrives with a splash of fashion and no less a dash of science. It has been designed and engineered from scratch and represents true product innovation. The genesis of the new ball came from concerns voiced by the players and the coaches about the 2010 ball floating too much. The new design is set to answer those criticisms and upping the level of performance. The result is all new and all about rocket science.



Images: Adidas

The new ball has been designed to be a better performer in the air. Using a interlocked finger design there are fewer panels and with a smoother surface it’s designed to ensure it performs better in the air. Less unwanted movements when it’s in flight means it’s more likely to go where the players want it to. Having been vetted by hundreds of world class footballers the new ball was even put through it’s paces by NASA to confirm it’s new and improved aerodynamic properties. Rocket science comes to the World Cup. Thanks to leading edge product design and engineering rocket science will also be coming to a sports store near you.

Soccer fans and astronauts aboard the ISS will watch from space and see for themselves how well the new Brazuca actually flies.


Image: NASA TV


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