Rolling a Hard Six.

There is a recent trend that suggests the commoditization of the visual identity design process is a good thing. This has been powered in part by the explosive growth of start-ups and small businesses driven by the continued shift in employment in modern economies from manufacturing to knowledge work. This growing need for visual […]

It isn’t Rocket Science is it?

On the opening day of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, soccer fans in attendance and those who stream and tune into tournament coverage are going to notice the typical global Madrid of sights and sounds of national teams and their supporters all gathered to compete in and to celebrate this edition of […]

Design Goes Back to School.

How to successfully bring innovation and design creativity to market is a real challenge and the answer to the question is vitally important in developing tomorrow’s business successes. Part of the answer to that thorny problem may well be a program called 30Weeks. Produced by a group including Hyper Island, Pratt, SVA NYC, […]

Home James.

Google is taking it to the streets. The Google Self Driving Car project suggests bringing a new level of safety to the road while making driving truly accessible for the first time. Having recently turned over 700,000 testing miles on the streets of Mountain View CA Google is making progress. Although it’s early […]

How Small is Big Enough?

As real world experiences go Paris is huge. An urban powerhouse. The pressure that puts on the cost of living is also huge. In response to those economics Paris is fast becoming a leader in world of the ever-shrinking living space. Tiny apartments aren’t new of course they’ve just become more formalized. In New […]

Time for a Game Changer.

Do smart-watches make a good business case? They do less than our smart phones do. They are ergonomically limited. They have a certain Google Glass stigma. In baseball that’s three strikes and means you’re taking you seat on the bench.

Despite manufactures love of and ability to do iterative product development and some admittedly nice […]

Add Some Depth to Those Sketches.

Ask anyone who has tried to sketch a 3D object and they will tell you that it’s not easy. Drawing that third dimension convincingly is hard. If you have ever tired it on a tablet you know that it adds ann unwelcome level of complexity to an already challenging  process. Currently there is no […]

Bicycles Enter the 21st Century.

Canadian startup Vanhawks is set to launch the world’s first carbon fibre single speed connected bicycle. With the latest connectivity and safety technology baked in the Valour represents a welcome update to the beloved bicycle.

Unlike the glacial rate of of bicycle development that we have become accustomed to the design of the Vanhawks […]

Back to the Future with 3D Glasses

Ryan Brook imagines a new way to consume movies in 3D and that’s interactively. I see a way for Hollywood to compete with streaming services and downloading by capturing the imaginations of a new audience in a new way. Ryan is part of a three person startup that want to add an alternative media […]