A Professional Toolset has Arrived.

It’s a little like the boy who cried wolf when you hear that the iPad is a professional creative tool. But fellow creatives, times have changed thanks to the efforts of companies like Fiftythree with it’s software tool Paper and a hardware tool they’ve dubbed Pencil. These two innovations are a clear indication […]

Design Goes Back to School.

How to successfully bring innovation and design creativity to market is a real challenge and the answer to the question is vitally important in developing tomorrow’s business successes. Part of the answer to that thorny problem may well be a program called 30Weeks. Produced by a group including Hyper Island, Pratt, SVA NYC, […]

The Ultimate User Experience Guide.

A long lost 17th century A. Boogert manuscript that was recently discovered in a French archive might have provided me a more positive initial water colour painting experience. As it turned out it was a little less than ideal so and more a trial by fire. What I remember were the deadline generated […]