Ryan Brook imagines a new way to consume movies in 3D and that’s interactively. I see a way for Hollywood to compete with streaming services and downloading by capturing the imaginations of a new audience in a new way. Ryan is part of a three person startup that want to add an alternative media stream to the movie viewing experience. Imagine for a moment James Cameron’s hugely successful film Avatar as an in-theatre rich media interactive experience where you can get more detail on a specific character or location, find answers to an interesting part of the tribes mythology etc. all in real time and you have some idea of the potential of their technology. Taking a view from 35,000 feet I see it as proof of concept for a new multimedia magic potion that can breath life into a industry who’s profits are flattening out. This sort of interactivity is not new to the world of gaming but for Hollywood it represents a huge step. It could help future proof an industry that is getting increased competition from television, streaming services and file sharing.

Ryan and the team at Invisivision use a familiar physical object – 3D glasses to leverage their ideas and I believe this provides a conceptual foundation for a movie industry re-boot that would bring a new, younger more tech savy audience into the theatres. What gives this idea power from my perspective is how it would align with consumer brands. It would provide marketers an exciting and powerful new brand touch point. A 3D integrated entertainment experience that would be funded in part by smart and creative brand experiences, promotions and advertising. Run as fully interactive 3D multimedia screenings, movies would never be seen the same way twice. Considering that this sort of experience customization is how audiences consume the competitions offer it’s clear how Hollywood must compete.

Invisivision has launched a $200,000 KickStarter campaign to fund the production of a demo that will show how their technology works. The Invisivision offer is based on two parts, a new type of 3D glasses coupled with an alternative visual stream or third screen as I call it. With a simple flip of the lens the wearer sees the additional stream of media. It’s a compelling start. Certainly the movie industry is in crisis. They are taking it on the chin in the fight for consumer bandwidth. A fresh interactive third screen offer could be a key strategy plank to getting a new and younger audience into the theatres. Considering the brand engagement potential is there and considering the brutal competitive market they operate in does Hollywood really have any option?

The opportunity is there for Hollywood to up their game and start seriously competing for younger eyes, minds and dollars. By selecting strategic technologies and working with the creative talent in their own industry and in the consumer brand world they could kick start a revolution in how we consume movies. It might just give them a fighting chance to remain relevant in the long term.


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