Civic pride meets street art in a mosaic mash up by artist and former creative director Jim Bachor. Like all northern cities this winter was hard on roadways. Record numbers of potholes are being reported across Canada and the US. The figures prove this to be true. Toronto Public Works reports that in 2013 the number of potholes that were filled reached 85,617. Considering the severity of this winters weather 2014 looks to top that number easily.

In Chicago Jim Bachor has taken up the cause. Using a different medium and inspired by the lasting power of ancient tile mosaics Jim has created and installed beautiful public art in the streets of his home town.

Working covertly he has finished and installed four mosaics with another two in the planning stage.  Considering that the city has already received over 45,000 pothole complaints Jim has his work cut out for him. The Chicago Department of Transportation has taken the high road and let Jim’s work stand. As reported in the Chicago Tribune a spoke person for the agency said ““Mr. Bachor and his art are proof that even the coldest, harshest winter can not darken the spirits of Chicagoans.” It’s proof that creating a better user experience with artisanal care makes life in a big city more livable.


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