Canadian startup Vanhawks is set to launch the world’s first carbon fibre single speed connected bicycle. With the latest connectivity and safety technology baked in the Valour represents a welcome update to the beloved bicycle.

Unlike the glacial rate of of bicycle development that we have become accustomed to the design of the Vanhawks is set to change speeds dramatically. The crew at Vanhawks hasn’t simple altered the frame geometry, wheel diameter or offered it in a eye popping new colour. Rather this vehicle is a truly modern piece of manufacturing featuring one piece carbon fibre construction that adds strength while reducing weight. The Valour also connects with a smart phone app and GPS and offers state of the art on-board sensor technology for blind spot collision avoidance.

Connectivity, safety, GPS navigation and light weight makes the Valour’s a compelling re-boot of the bicycle. Smart design and engineering and state of the art manufacturing have turned fantasy into the Vanhawk Valour. Get set for the rollout of this very real dream machine.


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